Components and solutions 


Water, electrical power and communication are exampels of what is needed in many situations. There is a range of sizes and types of water makers and power generators that can be installed in the platforms, depending on the purpose and the capacity needed.

GSM mobile system


GSM is the most widespread cellular standard and is used by over 1.5 billion people across more than 200 countries. A GSM box solution can be fully powered by only solar panels. The system consists of an MSC, a BSC and a BTS with mast and antenna. People affected by the disaster, as well as aid workers can use their own mobile equipment with their normal SIM-card, thus being reached on their own, personal number, as always. 

By placing the boxed solution on water or near the shore, the cell will have good coverage even with limited antenna height.
External calls and contacts with HLR will be routed through satellite link, or any available type of land line.

Medical treatment


With water maker, power generation, waste water treatment and communication installed, a base for medial treatment facilities is laid. If placed on water, a number of units can easily be tight secured together with container couplings, thus giving the stability of a large pontoon. Loading and unloading of patients in stretcher is done throug a rooftop hatch when on water. When placed on ground, a special designed bow will allow a 1,8 m high walk-in opening from ground level.

Water maker


The most versatile water maker is the sea water reverse osmosis systems that produce drinking water quality from any source of water. The method need about 5 kWh energy per 1000 liters of water. With a 11 kW power generator installed, our water maker box can provide 43000 liter of drinking water per day, which supplies 2000 persons with their need for hygiene, cooking and drinking.

Power line shaping and Power Generator


If the local electrical power network is in operation at all, the voltage is normally varying and power outages are frequent. We fit the platforms with intake equipment that shapes and modifies the local network and provides good, stable electrical power of most standards. Battery backup will provide stable power in the box during power outages.


An electrical generator can give supply not only to equipment in the box, but also provide plenty of power in the local area.