Floating container for immediate deployment on land or water

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40 ft Rivertrotter boat unloading from container transport 40 ft Rivertrotter boat unloading from container transport

The "Swiss Army Knife of disaster relief equipment" is taking shape

 A 40 ft version of the RivertrotterTM boat will be equipped with our basic solutions for an initial disaster relief mission. It will be used as a demonstrator of what can be done in the areas of water making, power generation, communication and aid worker housing.




 The boat will include:
- Solar powered GSM mobile system with satellite connection
- Fresh water maker providing water for 2000 persons
- Electrical Power generation for water making and surplus power of 20 kVA
- Electrical Power intake that shapes and provides backup for all equipment
- Living quarter for relief workers, and a medical treatment room 

40 ft Rivertrotter moored in marina close to the constructions site 40 ft Rivertrotter moored in marina close to the constructions site



Where there is a need to quickly bring high technology systems and equipment to any place on earth, our rugged, amphibious containers are an ideal solution. They take the form of standardized shipping containers when in transport, which give low, predictable cost as container handling equipment is readily available all over the world. Transformation to boats and floating barges is done in minutes.


We specialize in combining high tech system knowledge and innovative vessel design into boxed solutions, ready for operation. A base for the products is the RivertrotterTM barge that transforms into a 20 foot standard ocean shipping container. Systems and equipment are also built into air freight containers (ULD), and normal, unmodified, standard containers.


At the moment we offer boxed solutions for fresh water plants, power generation, GSM mobile network, medical treatment room, office space and living quarters. Those solutions are targeted to initial disaster relief after floodings, earthquakes and tsunamis when infrastructure needs to be re-established. From the boating industry we bring solutions for off grid usage by power generation from solar cells and shaping of weak and intermittent rural power.


By selecting interior and equipment in the box, it will adopt to specialized needs. E.g. for arctic use, the concept offers low friction towing on snow and ice, amphibious transport over ice and water, and excellent polar bear protection.

20 ft Rivertrotter barge in floatation mode 20 ft Rivertrotter barge in floatation mode


The "box" is normally based on the RivertrotterTM vessel design. It takes the shape of a standard 40 ft, or 20 ft ocean shipping container in transportation mode. Construction material is normally high strength steel, or aluminum. A light weight aluminum version of the 20 ft construction classifies as an air freight ULD of type M-6.

Components and solutions


The box can be fitted with equipment to suit many needs. We offer solutions for water making by reverse osmosis desalination of sea water as well as filtering and purifying fresh water. Electrical power systems with power generator and battery backup are designed to give uninterrupted supply. A fully solar powered GSM cellular system is also on the list of solutions.

Standardized shipping containers are handled efficiently all over the world at predictable, low cost